Ilorannan rantamaisema

Travelers, ahoy!

For 80 years and across four generations, we’ve been taking care of our guests. Experience full-board holidays and weekend getaways from everyday life, available year-round.

Discover Finnish countryside. Iloranta is just an hour and a half drive from Helsinki, offering excellent opportunities for vacationing. Iloranta offers experiences and relaxation for every guest throughout the year. At Iloranta, you can choose the perfect vacation for you – whether it’s an activity holiday, a sports holiday, a family holiday, or a peaceful senior holiday.

Our guests experience Iloranta as a second home, returning year after year. Here, everyone is part of our large family, and we ensure that everyone feels welcome and valued.

We offer a wide range of leisure activities both in nature and indoors – hiking, water activities, relaxation in the sauna, and peace in the country side. For families and children, Iloranta is a true treasure trove of experiences, while older guests can enjoy a more peaceful senior vacation focused on well-being.

The restorative power of nature is a central part of Iloranta’s appeal. The location by the clear-water lake, in the midst of fields and surrounded by ancient forests, provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy the pure natural environment. Studies have shown that spending time in nature lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, and boosts a sense of vitality. At Iloranta, it is easy to immerse yourself in the healing power of the forest – sit on a hummock, admire the tall trees, feel the soft surface of the moss, or listen to the song of the birds.

At the center of it all is, of course, the delicious and nutritious local food, which makes the vacation week even more enjoyable. At Iloranta, every visit is an unforgettable experience, which you can cherish in your heart.

Welcome to experience Iloranta’s magical atmosphere!