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Forest Yoga

Metsäjooga terveysliikuntamuoto, joka sopii kaikenikäisille ja -kuntoisille. Se on yksinkertaista, kokonaisvaltaista ja tehokasta terveysliikuntaa. Liikkeet tehdään seisten ja ne soveltuvat lähes kaiken ikäisille ja kuntoisille.

170 € / ryhmä (alle 10-henkeä) 230 € / ryhmä (yli 10-henkeä)
30 – 60 minuuttia (toiveiden mukaan)

Luontojoogaa metsässä

Forest Yoga, also known as Asahi, is a holistic form of physical exercise that focuses particularly on the neck, shoulders, and back areas. The gentle sequences of movements are performed at a calm, relaxed pace, in sync with one’s breathing rhythm while listening to the body’s needs. Asahi is an easily accessible physical activity that enhances joint mobility and helps alleviate and prevent issues specifically in the neck, shoulders, and back regions. The calming rhythm of the breathing combined with the flowing movements brings balance and harmony to both the body and mind.

Please keep in mind: Wear suitable clothing for the outdoor weather conditions.