Iloranta – full-board vacations since 1937

Iloranta is a place of relaxation amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life. 
Friendly smiles, beautiful nature, exercise, and relaxation await vacationers, schoolchildren, businesses, and travelers from around the world.

Contact information

Iloranta is located only one and half hour drive from Helsinki near Hämeenlinna.

History of Iloranta

Tourism in Iloranta began already in the summer of 1937, when the village of Hauho was the filming location for Finland’s first Niskavuori film, “Niskavuoren naisia” (“Women of Niskavuori”). The film crew stayed in the village’s farmhouses during the filming. Elin Iloranta and her staff took care of the well-being of these guests. Now, in Iloranta, the fourth generation, Samu Lescelius, takes care of the guests. Iloranta is enjoyed by families, school camps, and businesses alike. Clean local food, a casual atmosphere, rural tranquility, and numerous activities attract everyone.

Leena Haavisto (on the left), along with Samu Lescelius and Mikko Haavisto, oversee Iloranta’s full-board hotel, continuing the family legacy into its third and fourth generations.


We offer excellent food, rural tranquility, a casual atmosphere, diverse physical activities, experiences, and cheerful service for full-board vacations, meetings, corporate events, school camps, and seniors alike.

Sustainable travel

Sustainable development is a matter of the heart at Iloranta. We want future generations to also have the opportunity to enjoy and vacation at Iloranta!