Find your own way to experience Iloranta!

Feel the warmth of the campfire. Listen to the quiet of the forest. Bake your own rye bread. Catch a fish. Go snowshoeing in the snowy forest. Take a nap in a hammock.

Our Iloranta is all about warmth, friendliness, and hospitality. You come to us as if visiting grandma’s house. That’s why many holiday guests return year after year for summer and winter vacations at Iloranta.

A vacation at Iloranta is a rejuvenation of the mind and body. Sit down at the ready dining table to enjoy tasty and delicious local food. Engage in activities together or relax alone in the tranquility of the nature trail and forest. Daily programs cater to the whole family, from children’s games and outdoor activities to adult-guided exercise sessions.

Get to know Iloranta’s surroundings

H2 Leenan huone
H1 Mummun ja vaarin huone
Omenatarha on päärakennuksen yhteydessä
Omenatarha on päärakennuksen yhteydessä


Countryside Resort Iloranta offers several different possibilities for accommodation: you can stay in cozy cottages or one of the attic chambers of the main building, which all have stories to tell.

From the hotel room balcony of Omenatarha, the more modern addition, you can admire the beautiful nature of Häme.


In Iloranta, good and tasty food has long traditions in the place’s history. Recipes that are still in use today were crafted by great-grandmother Elin. In Iloranta, food is always prepared with love from local and natural ingredients!

All full-board vacations include breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Rapurapurallaa 🙂
Ilorannan Savusauna lämpenee
Vesi voi tuntua kylmältä
Iso-Roineen jäässä on Nooran kokoinen aukko

Saunas and beach

The sauna facilities at Iloranta are a true haven for sauna enthusiasts. The modern wood-fired sauna and traditional smoke sauna invite visitors to indulge in the warmth and intoxicating atmosphere. After the sauna experience, one can easily step down to the dock to gaze at the sky and listen to the sounds of nature. A refreshing swim is a wonderful way to conclude the day and bask in the tranquility of the lake scenery.

Activities and exercise

Exercise brings us joy. We aim to offer a variety of options for physical activity so that everyone can find opportunities suitable for their well-being and fitness level. Our goal is to encourage regular exercise as part of everyday life.

During vacations, we organize various games and activities, as well as group exercise classes and strength training sessions for adults.

For self-directed exercise, there are Nordic walking and cycling routes that traverse the forests and countryside of Häme. You can explore the lake landscape by boating, kayaking, paddleboarding, or water jogging.

In winter, weather permitting, you can enjoy skating, snowshoeing, kick sledding, or skiing along prepared trails amidst the natural surroundings.

For self-paced strength training, Iloranta offers a one-kilometer circuit around the rural landscape with designated strength training stations. You can tailor your workout on the route, either casually or intensively, depending on your preference, ranging from leisurely to crossfit-style.


  • Potkurilla järven jäällä

    Kick sledding

    Kick sled, affectionately called ‘potkuri’, is a practical means of transportation that is an essential part of the winter everyday life for people living in rural areas in Finland – at least during snowy winters.

  • Iloranta Open tennisturnaus


    Iloranta has two tennis courts waiting for enthusiastic players. We have organized several tennis courses for adults and children, which have been popular among our guests. Every year, the Iloranta Open tennis tournament is held where players compete for victory in a great spirit of camaraderie.

  • Outdoor team ball games

    Iloranta offers many different opportunities for outdoor ball sports. You can try your skills on the soccer and baseball fields, basketball court, or on a sunny day at the beach volleyball court by the shore.

  • Man Riding Board on Middle of Body of Water

    Standup paddleboarding

    Iloranta, located on the shore of Iso-Roine, offers a variety of water activities, including stand up paddleboarding, also known as SUP boarding

  • Ilorannan Savusauna lämpenee


    Iloranta proudly offers not just one, but five distinct saunas for guests to enjoy. Immerse yourself in the gentle warmth and tranquility of the smoke sauna, savor the authenticity of the traditional wood-fired sauna, or take a bracing plunge into Lake Iso-Roine, even through a hole carved in the ice during winter.

  • A group of people cross country skiing in the woods


    You can easily enjoy the tranquility of the winter nature by snowshoeing. The beautiful rural landscape surrounding Iloranta and its nature trails provide magnificent settings for snowshoeing excursions. The magic of winter unfolds in the glistening snowfields and snowy forests.

  • Neppiskisa alkamassa

    Lawn games

    In the courtyard of Iloranta, visitors will find a wide range of traditional outdoor games, offering excellent entertainment and physical activity for the whole family or groups of friends. You can test your skills in various games while enjoying outdoor activities in the beautiful surroundings.

  • Kalastusta lautalta


    At the pristine and clear shores of Lake Iso Roinevesi in Iloranta, fishing enthusiasts have the opportunity to indulge in this traditional outdoor activity. Keen anglers can spend long days […]

  • Gym

    Iloranta’s gym and multipurpose room provide an opportunity to exercise even when the weather outside is not optimal.

  • Climbing wall

    On Iloranta’s own climbing wall, you can climb under supervision with harnesses and ropes ensuring safety. The climbing wall is located in an old barn, so the program is also suitable for rainy days.

Environment and Nature

Iloranta’s nearby forest features a 3.5-kilometer nature trail winding through diverse terrain, leading to an old pine tree by a lean-to shelter. You can choose to spend the night at the lean-to or roast marshmallows and brew campfire coffee. The nature trail can also be enjoyed as a guided hike, where you’ll become acquainted with the trees, plants, birds, and other forest creatures. Adjacent to the nature trail, there’s an updated and informative Ice Age trail, providing insights into climate change.

Seeking calming strength for your well-being is also possible in Iloranta’s power forest. You can sit on a mossy rock, admire the beauty of moss-covered stones, lichen-covered spruce branches, or the small paths made by animals. You can gaze up at the towering trees and listen to the silence. Along the way, you may encounter thought-provoking signs encouraging mindfulness and enjoying the present moment with all your senses.

On the lakeside hill of Iloranta, many vanishing meadow plants grow, such as meadow saxifrage, yellow sweet clover, common knapweed, and common cow-wheat. Right by the lake’s shore is an alder grove and a birdwatching tower, enticing observers to watch the birds’ migration, especially in spring and autumn.

Iloranta’s nature invites you to linger and enjoy!