Find your own way to experience Iloranta!

Countryside Resort Iloranta offers several different possibilities for accommodation: you can stay in cozy cottages or one of the attic chambers of the main building, which all have stories to tell.


From the hotel room balcony of Omenatarha, the more modern addition, you can admire the beautiful nature of Häme.


We take pride in our food, offering our guests delicious, clean and healthy meals
from local and natural ingredients, all prepared in Iloranta’s own kitchen. 


At Iloranta, there are many ways to keep fit. You can play traditional yard games or
football, or jump on a trampoline. There are two tennis courts, a beach volleyball field, and Bocce court in the Iloranta area. There is also a large, well-equipped gym. If you want to exercise on your own, you can run along the jogging path, go Nordic walking, or ride a bike in the Finnish countryside. In the winter, you can also practise kicksledding, ski, or walking in snow shoes. You will experience Finnish nature from a whole new perspective!


Iloranta is the best place for new experiences! Feel the warmth of the campfire. Listen to the quiet of the forest. Bake your own rye bread. Catch a fish. Go snowshoeing in the snowy forest. Take a nap in a hammock.


Come and enjoy all this and more at Iloranta!

Countryside resort Iloranta

Iloranta on hyvä paikka