Uimahyppy Ilorannassa

See and feel in Iloranta!

The proximity to nature in Iloranta provides excellent opportunities for various activities and experiences throughout the year.

Activities at Iloranta

Iloranta offers a variety of experiences and activities to suit every taste, whether you seek relaxation, sports and games, serenity, or well-being. At Iloranta, well-being entails unwinding and finding peace in pristine nature, alongside a plethora of exercise options both outdoors and indoors. This is a matter close to our hearts here at Iloranta.

  • Potkurilla järven jäällä

    Kick sledding

    Kick sled, affectionately called ‘potkuri’, is a practical means of transportation that is an essential part of the winter everyday life for people living in rural areas in Finland – at least during snowy winters.

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  • Iloranta Open tennisturnaus


    Iloranta has two tennis courts waiting for enthusiastic players. We have organized several tennis courses for adults and children, which have been popular among our guests. Every year, the Iloranta Open tennis tournament is held where players compete for victory in a great spirit of camaraderie.

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  • Outdoor team ball games

    Iloranta offers many different opportunities for outdoor ball sports. You can try your skills on the soccer and baseball fields, basketball court, or on a sunny day at the beach volleyball court by the shore.

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  • Man Riding Board on Middle of Body of Water

    Standup paddleboarding

    Iloranta, located on the shore of Iso-Roine, offers a variety of water activities, including stand up paddleboarding, also known as SUP boarding

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  • Ilorannan Savusauna lämpenee


    Iloranta proudly offers not just one, but five distinct saunas for guests to enjoy. Immerse yourself in the gentle warmth and tranquility of the smoke sauna, savor the authenticity of the traditional wood-fired sauna, or take a bracing plunge into Lake Iso-Roine, even through a hole carved in the ice during winter.

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  • A group of people cross country skiing in the woods


    You can easily enjoy the tranquility of the winter nature by snowshoeing. The beautiful rural landscape surrounding Iloranta and its nature trails provide magnificent settings for snowshoeing excursions. The magic of winter unfolds in the glistening snowfields and snowy forests.

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  • Neppiskisa alkamassa

    Lawn games

    In the courtyard of Iloranta, visitors will find a wide range of traditional outdoor games, offering excellent entertainment and physical activity for the whole family or groups of friends. You can test your skills in various games while enjoying outdoor activities in the beautiful surroundings.

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  • Kalastusta lautalta


    At the pristine and clear shores of Lake Iso Roinevesi in Iloranta, fishing enthusiasts have the opportunity to indulge in this traditional outdoor activity. Keen anglers can spend long days […]

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  • Gym

    Iloranta’s gym and multipurpose room provide an opportunity to exercise even when the weather outside is not optimal.

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  • Climbing wall

    On Iloranta’s own climbing wall, you can climb under supervision with harnesses and ropes ensuring safety. The climbing wall is located in an old barn, so the program is also suitable for rainy days.

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Experiences at Iloranta

Experiences enrich life, so why not seize the moment and immerse yourself in the thrill of an adventure?

In Iloranta, a diverse array of nature, sports, and cultural experiences awaits, providing options to cater to a variety of interests! Whether it’s for summer or winter activities, team-building exercises, or educational camps, we offer numerous choices. With our extensive experience, commitment to quality, and professional approach, we ensure seamless execution of these experiences. Whether you’re planning a corporate event, team-building day, large-scale recreational outing, school camp, or any other customized group experience, we can tailor packages to your preferences.

  • Boat Tour

    Experience the Iso-Roine lake from a boat under the guidance of a guide, and let this unique experience captivate you! Join the excursion starting from Iloranta, where you can admire the breathtaking scenery and fascinating history of this magnificent lake.

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  • Metsä

    Forest Mind Session

    The Forest Mind session guides you into a nature-inspired state of presence and relaxation. The guided exercises invite you to immerse in the beauty of nature, while also strengthening your resources and promoting recovery.

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  • Jääkauden jäljet - luontopolku

    Traces of the Ice Age – Nature trail

    The approximately 3-kilometer-long nature trail explores the events of the last glacial deglaciation phase and the traces it left behind, which are still visible in the Iloranta environment. The nature trail also covers climate change and its impacts on nature and the landscape, both now and in the future.

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  • Ihana Hämäläinen pitopöytä

    Barn Dinner at Iloranta

    The Barn Dinner at Iloranta is a solemn and indulgent shared experience. Stepping through the barn courtyard, guests are transported into a bygone era, where the fragrant food beckons them to enter the space beneath the lofty trusses of an old threshing barn.

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  • Ilorannan Riihi

    The Barn Mystery – Escape Room Game

    The Barn Mystery is an immersive escape room-style game set in the historic barn of Iloranta, where participants work together to solve puzzles and escape the locked barn within an hour. Decades ago, Topi and Tilta were preparing for their wedding in the old Iloranta barn, but things did not go according to plan. The…

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  • Erätaitoja opettelemassa

    Wilderness Skills

    In the “Erätaidot tutuksi” (Getting to Know Wilderness Skills) experience, participants learn basic skills for survival and navigating in nature.

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  • Kalastusta lautalta

    “Small Fishing Tales” – Guided fishing trip by boat

    “Small Fishing Stories” is an effective educational program awarded by the Fisheries Association and MEK (Finnish Central Association for Recreational Fishing). It provides comprehensive instruction on fishing, navigating waters, and fishing equipment. The program includes guided fishing trip by boat.

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  • Forest bathing in Iloranta woods

    Under the guidance of an experienced nature guide, we embark on Iloranta’s forest trail. Forest bathing refers to quality time spent in the forest. It’s not about exercise, but rather being in the forest, slow wandering. The purpose of forest bathing is to enjoy nature with all five senses open. Enjoy the sounds, smells, scenery,…

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  • Tikkupullat nuotiolla

    Baking Tikkupulla on campfire

    Tikkupulla is a sweet bun dough flavored with cardamom that is wrapped around a stick and baked over campfire. Tikkupulla is a classic hiking snack – and for good reason. Is there anything more delightful than sitting by the campfire roasting bun and sipping coffee, leaning against a backpack? The tastiest buns are baked in the…

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  • Rapuja Iso-Roineelta

    Crayfish Fishing Excursion

    During the excursion, you will learn about crayfish and their way of life, as well as be guided in eating boiled crayfish. The catch quantity varies, but there are always equally delicious spotted crayfish that have grown in clean water. Once all the crayfish traps have been collected, we will taste the catch from previous…

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  • Ruisleivät pöydällä

    Baking rye bread

    Immerse yourself in past food culture. You’ll get to bake a rye bread yourself using the 100-year-old sourdough starter and recipe from great-grandmother Elin of Iloranta. The ways of old are easy to imagine as you dip your fingers into the dough and bake bread while listening to stories. The fresh rye bread taken from…

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  • Päiväunet metsässä Ilorannassa

    Take a nap in the quiet of the forest

    The trees in the ancient forest of Iloranta are slowly swaying, the forest faintly rustling. The birds singing high up in the trees accompany you on your way to take a nap. Breathe in the fresh clean air – exhale your woes and worries away! There is a hammock hanging between the trees, waiting for…

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  • Journey into the quiet and darkness

    Have you ever thought, if darkness is really dark? Is compelete darkness just an illusion caused by indoor and street lighting? The experience instructor will lead you into the forest where each of you will take turns walking a small distance alone in the complete darkness.

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