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Baking Tikkupulla on campfire

Tikkupulla is a sweet bun dough flavored with cardamom that is wrapped around a stick and baked over campfire. Tikkupulla is a classic hiking snack – and for good reason. Is there anything more delightful than sitting by the campfire roasting bun and sipping coffee, leaning against a backpack? The tastiest buns are baked in the…


Tikkupullat nuotiolla

When Tikkupulla is prepared properly, it becomes an extremely delicious campfire treat. The optimal result is achieved by baking the buns in the warmth of the embers, but rarely do eager cooks and indulgers have the patience to wait that long.

Once the campfire has been lit, take about an egg-sized portion of the dough and roll it between your palms into a stick about the thickness of your pinky finger. Place one end of the stick onto the sharp end of a wooden stick and wrap the dough stick around the stick like a corkscrew, leaving about 1 centimeter between each wrap. Cook the bun stick slowly, turning it continuously, at a sufficient distance from the embers of the fire.