Savor delicious local food with grandma’s recipes

At Iloranta, the tradition of serving delicious and wholesome food has deep roots in our history. We still use recipes passed down through generations, preserving the flavors of Iloranta’s heritage. Each meal is prepared with love, ensuring a memorable culinary experience!

Among the favorites on our menu are our home-preserved vendace, pan-fried pike-perch, smoked pike terrine, and honey-smoked salmon. Iloranta’s delicious traditional cheeses are flavored with mint, lingonberries, and nuts.

We take pride in being able to trace the origin of our ingredients precisely. Our chanterelles are picked from the slopes of Mäyränkallio, and the crunchy mushrooms for our salad come from Ruokovuori. The moose is hunted in Kalkkivuori, and the Jerusalem artichokes are grown in Satoranta’s herb garden. The aroma of the potatoes comes from the sandy fields of Tuittula, and the strawberries are harvested from the fields along Kyllönjoki River.

Indulging in delicacies at Iloranta is not confined to the dining table. You can also enjoy treats by the campfire with marshmallows or pancakes. The barn hosts more festive dinners, and various themes can be built around food, such as Iron Age feasts, autumn harvest festivals, or Niskavuori barn dinners, drawing inspiration directly from Iloranta’s history.

You can also participate in food procurement and preparation if you wish. Late summer and early autumn crayfishing trips on Iloranta’s raft, preparing a robber’s steak in the Viking village on the shore hill, or night ice fishing in midwinter provide wonderful experiences and memories.