Sustainable travel is at the heart of Iloranta.

We want future generations to have the opportunity to enjoy and vacation at Iloranta!

Sustainability is one of our core values, and we have always lived in harmony with nature while caring for the environment.

Iloranta has been awarded the Sustainable Travel Finland certificate by Visit Finland in recognition of our long-term commitment to sustainable practices in the tourism industry. We are dedicated to adhering to the principles of sustainable tourism set forth by the Sustainable Travel Finland program and incorporating them into our daily operations. Certified businesses have taken into account ecological, social, cultural, and economic sustainability in their operations. We always strive to hire local employees and support other local businesses, thereby contributing to the vitality of the region.

In recent years, Iloranta has placed increased emphasis on sustainable and environment friendly travel. Systematic efforts to promote sustainable development began as early as 2014, but concrete actions were outlined in 2021 when we received the Finnish Organic Tourism certificate for ecological and cultural sustainability from ECEAT Finland.

Economic Responsibility:

We ensure the well-being of local communities by employing as many locals as possible at Iloranta. We also provide employment opportunities for many industry entrepreneurs in the surrounding areas.

Ecological Responsibility:

We prioritize the well-being of our guests by offering meals made from local and organic ingredients that are clean and healthy, prepared in Iloranta’s own kitchen. We take pride in knowing the precise origins of our food. Chanterelles are picked from the slopes of Mäyränkallio, and the crispiness of mushroom salad comes from Ruokovuori. The moose has been felled in Kalkkivuori, perhaps even by Mikko, Iloranta’s old master and Jerusalem artichokes are grown in the herb garden of Satoranta. The aroma of potatoes comes from the sandy soils of Tuittula, and strawberries from the fields of Kyllönjoki. Explore Iloranta’s local cuisine.

We make a conscious to conduct many of Iloranta’s activities using our own physical strength. The only exception is the fishing ferry, is which is solely utilized for brief trips during the summer.

Additionally, we aim to minimize our environmental footprint on the premises by utilizing designated paths for travel, whether by foot, bicycle, kicksled, or snowshoes—excluding the use of snowmobiles or ATVs. This approach not only reduces environmental impact but also allows for quieter movement through nature, minimizing disturbance to others.

Over the years, we have developed sorting and recycling systems, with our customers actively participating and yielding positive results. We are committed to promoting sustainable development in the future as well. Many of our young guests, particularly those on school camps, are encouraged to adopt energy-saving practices in their daily lives. These practices include simple actions like turning off lights and electronics when leaving a room, quickly ventilating rooms to retain heat, and utilizing air heat pumps for heating instead of traditional radiators.

Socio-Cultural Responsibility:

At Iloranta, social sustainability flourishes unlike anywhere else in Finland. Our remarkable community of loyal customers speaks volumes. We’re proud to host fourth-generation Iloranta visitors who have been coming back for over half a century. And it’s not uncommon to find dozens, if not hundreds, of third-generation Iloranta guests among us. For many, Iloranta has become more than just a getaway—it’s akin to visiting grandma’s house. And that’s precisely the atmosphere we strive to create.