You can stay in a century-old barn or one of the attic chambers of the main building, which all have stories to tell. From the hotel room balcony of Omenatarha, the more modern addition, you can admire the beautiful nature of Häme.

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Iloranta accomodate on summertimes 90-100 guests and on wintertimes 80-90 guests. Sheets and cleaning are included on the price.

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Omenatarha is part of mainbuilding. Rooms of Omenatarha are hotelstandarded rooms with own terrace or balcony. On the rooms has bathroom, fridge and TV.

Omenatarha's rooms are suitable for people with reduced mobility. Also the dining areas are accessible.

Donwstrairs of Omenatarha you will find well-equipped gym and grouptraining hall.

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The main building has 4 rooms upstairs. Those rooms are cosy and countryromantic rooms.

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Punainen talo

Punainen talo located in the middle of the yard. There has 10 rooms that each accommodate 2-6 people.

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Cottages and barns

Two of the five log cabins have two rooms, toilet, and shower, and the remaining three have one big room with a double bed, shower/toilet, and a sleeping alcove for four people. All cabins have fridge, TV, and water cooker/coffee maker.

There are also several barns, one of them with shower and toilet.

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Saunas and beach

The gorgeous, child-friendly beach is only 350 meters from the yard. There is also a smoke sauna and a continuously heated wood burning sauna, which, along with its showers, is also used in winter. In winter, you can take a refreshing dip in a hole in the ice, and in summer there are the waves of Iso-Roinevesi to invigorate your body and soul.

The smoke sauna is the king of saunas - it is definitely worth experiencing! No smoke in the sauna at the time of bathing though! Taking a sauna is at its best when you can dive into the refreshing lake straight from the warm sauna. The clean, clear water of Iso-Roinevesi lake and the amazing natural, white-sanded beach make the enjoyment of the sauna complete.

In "Lysti", there are showers and an electric sauna with infrared sauna.

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Gym and other activities

At Iloranta, there are many ways to keep fit. You can play traditional yard games or soccer, or jump on a trampoline. There are two tennis courts, a beach volleyball field, a basketball court, and Bocce-court and birdiegolf in the Iloranta area. We can even provide all the necessary equipment for these games. There is also a large well equipped gym at Iloranta. If you want to exercise on your own, you can run along the jogging path, go Nordic walking, or ride a bike in the Finnish countryside. In winter, you can also practise kicksledding, ski, or go in snow shoes. You will experience Finnish nature from a whole new perspective!

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Ilorannan pihapiiri

Ilorantaan kuuluu paljon erilaisia tiloja. Majoitustilat, saunat, nuotiopaikat, luontopolut ja monet muut tilat voit helposti tarkistaa oheisesta kartasta. Kartasta näet miten rakennukset ja tilat sijoittuvat. Kartasta voit myös katsoa mille P-paikalle sinun on hyvä ajaa tullessasi meille ensimmäistä kertaa.

Ilorannan pihapiirin kartta

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