We want to offer our guests overall well being from dawn till dusk in a genuine country milieu. Gorgeous nature, the peace and tranquillity of the countryside as well as the healing impact of the forest are found here.

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Gorgeous nature, the peace and tranquillity of the countryside as well as the healing impact of the forest are found here. The farmstead is situated in the authentic Finnish countryside in the middle of fields and forests on the banks of the lake Iso-Roine (Big Roine). Swimming and taking a sauna, home made organic food, activities for each and everyone regardless of what shape you are in. All this builds up to a comfort holiday in addition to exquisite experiences from Finland.

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Food like life itself

Iloranta has taken care of its guests for over 80 years. We want to honour the history of the house and Häme traditions in our recipes, but we also create new delicacies all the time. We want to serve our guests great Finnish food from first-class fresh and tasty locally grown produce.
The treasures of the Iloranta dinner table are organic food at its best. We offer tasty delicacies straight from nature. The produce grows mainly in the lakes, forests and fields of Häme. Home-baked bread and smoked fish, along with organic potatoes, roast and, forest mushrooms - everything home made and straight from the clear-water lakes, forests, and fields of Häme. You can even take part in the catching and preparing of the food yourself.

In autumn, you can catch crayfish from the Iloranta raft or prepare traditional pit-roast, and in the heart of winter, you can go ice fishing for burbots. Self-baked rye bread brings back memories even when you are at home.

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Nature and environment

The old farmhouse is surrounded by diverse nature. Pineforest, groves, gorgeus spruce forests and the swamp of Syöliö are magnificent places to discover the secrets of the peaceful forest.

The beautiful forest begins almost in the yard of Iloranta. In the forest, there is a guided 3,5-kilometer-long guided nature path that takes you over the cliffs and past the swamp and ends at a wooden lean-to by a centuries-old pine, where you can rest or even stay the night. There you can sit in peace, enjoy the silence and the pleasant smell of the forest. You can also take a nature path into ”The forest of the senses”, where you will experience the forest in a whole new way. Moreover, on the poem path, you can read a variety of poems about nature in a natural environment.
In the area of Iloranta can be found many species of trees: birchs, pines, spruces, small-leaves limes, maples, black alders, rowans, alders, bird cherries, silver birchs, crack willows and oaks.

The Iso-Roinevesi lake is so clear-water that you even can drink it!

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